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Figure Class at the Butler Studio

I just finished a five week class at the Butler Studio in Gastonia, NC, which I highly RECOMMEND.

The class was taught by Curt Butler and Anne Harkness, both fun and nurturing.

When you go to the studio, you walk into a beautiful space with shiny hardwood floors, a beautiful view of Main St., exposed brick walls, and a "demo bar" where there were tea and snacks!

First, we drew live models. First up was a musician playing Guns & Roses and Led Zeppelin in an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Luckily, I was wearing my David Bowie t-shirt so I could semi-impress him.

The week after was and a fire eating circus skilled woman with many great poses in many great outfits.

Everyone had his or her own taboret and we rolled around each other like bumber cars to get different vantage points.

Curt gave out words like "line" and "movement." Mine was "notan," darks and lights traveling around the canvas. And then this happened with some guidance from Anne:

Then Curt showed me a splattering technique using mineral spirits:

And I met some other really talented artists in the class too...

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